Javascript types

Truthy and Falsy: Truthy and falsy is a Boolean type value. It is used for the argument. Whenever needs to compare something between two values than true and false use.

False: There is six types of false value have. If that sixth type used somewhere then it will be a false value. That six types is.

  1. False: false is a false value.
  2. Undefined: If a value is undefined then it will be false.
  3. Null: If a value is Null then it will be falsy.
  4. NaN: If a value is NaN(Not a Number) then it also false.
  5. 0: If a value…

React Fundamentals

Introduction: What is React? React is a front-end javascript library for the building user interface. It is not a framework like angular. It is maintained and developed by Facebook. It is used for building up single-page or mobile applications. On May 29 2013 react first to introduce.

How Its Works: React is not a complete part of the solution. Frameworks can use for building a complete application on the other hand React is a piece of framework, uses to build for a part of an application. React is very useful for building up the application because by using React every…

Primitive Values: There are seven kinds of primitive values. The most use primitive value is number, string and boolean. Primitive values do not affect by doing code.

(a)Number: Number used for mathematical calculation.

(b)String: String is used to saying something in text form.

© Boolean: Boolean is used for an argument (true and false)

(d) Undefined: Undefined is an empty value, when something does not defines this will output as undefined.

(e) Null: Null is also an empty value.

(f) Symbol: A symbol is a built-in object whose constructor returns a symbol primitive.



conole.log(10) //numberconsole.log(“Alamgir”) //Stringconsole.log(null)…


Javascript was created in 1995 by Brendan Eich when he was an engineer at Netscape. Javascript is first released in Netscape in 1996. from then javascript edited 6 times. Javascript is a scripting language that runs in a host environment like a browser, It also runs in a server site like Node.js

Types of Javascript:

There are seven main types of javascript have.

1) String,2) Number,3) Boolean,4) Symbol5)Null6)Undefined7) Object :a)Function(b)Array©Date(d)RegExp

1) String: String object use for representing and manipulating a sequence of characters. …

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